it IS easy to build on tupelo

With agile private and public development flexibility, no smart contracts needed, and a growing list of familiar language libraries, developers can start building immediately and test against a local install or our live TestNet.  




Tupelo has an advantage over other public DLT/blockchain solutions because it works on individual Chain Trees rather than one central global chain. This means that signers veifying transactions are performing a much simpler task.

As a result, Tupelo is:


Tupelo achieves consensus in a fraction of the time and with many fewer exceptions. This is possible because Tupelo only needs to consider transactions in the context of a specific entity and its most recent history instead of every transaction for every entity or object ever recorded.


Because of that smaller target, it can achieve the same value at a lower cost. The unique structure also means that the type of data maintained about each entity or object is much more flexible. It can be larger and more complex because all signers do not need to store the full history of all of that data. This keeps resource costs lower than with other solutions.


Solving for speed and cost of transactions means that organizations can scale much more successfully on Tupelo than existing DLT solutions. The underlying data-structure is inherently "sharded" into information about each individual entity providing the ability to encompass a nearly boundless set of objects.


With Tupelo, application developers have the flexibility to efficiently model their domain and use the Tupelo consensus network for fast, verifiable confirmation of their data. This is all accomplished using languages and tools developers already know providing the flexibility to work how you want.


Using our straightforward API, rather than a complex new construct like a smart contract, means you can get started quickly with the resources you already have.

Build locally and run your own small set of signers or join the TestNet and discover for yourself how easy the platform is to use.

Try out the platform with a local build and be creating your first Chain Tree in under 10 minutes:


Ready to put your project onto our official TestNet? Contact us for the required keys and you can switch from local to our remote TestNet in no time.